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Studio workshops

Hello!! For those of you paying attention, I am starting something new this fall at my studio in NE Washington, DC. Are you looking for a creativity boost? Want to learn about new art and craft materials and techniques? Need a time and place (and helping hand) to get back to work on an abandoned [...]

Catching up – (old) new website!

Quick, quick post to say that almost two years ago (!), I started a new website. Surprise! Time sure does fly. focuses on work that incorporates reused materials and examines how humans interact with our material world. It includes information about ongoing bodies of work:                 Recycled [...]

Earth Bound: Small Sculpture at the American Center for Physics

It’s official – I am terrible at keeping this blog up to date. However, even though this show is about to close, I am going to post images of the work included and a link to the wonderful essay that curator Sarah Tanguy wrote for the exhibition, which also includes artists color photographs by Michael [...]

More Ocean Plastic Collages – Chesapeake Bay, MD

In May 2017, I got to participate in a weekend artists’ retreat at Echo Hill Outdoor School  in Worton, MD, on the Chesapeake Bay. A group of artists from the Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC areas were invited to spend time on the beautiful grounds, making art and getting to know each other. We agreed [...]

The Bycatch series continues

  I have added three new nets to the Bycatch series. The first two were for a group show called Personal Patterns at the Montgomery College King Street Gallery (October 22 – Nov 25, 2015). That show included two new nets. “Blue Bycatch” is about 9 feet tall and made using traditional netting knots with [...]

Ocean Plastic Collages

In February 2016, I made a trip to visit dear friends who have retired to Eleuthera, Bahamas, and to scope out a possible project about how coastal communities’ lives are affected by changes in the ocean, including increasing garbage in the water and on the shores and changing marine life migration and availability. Eleuthera is [...]

Ephemeral at GRACE

I am thrilled to be included in the Washington Sculptors Group show Ephemeral at Greater Reston Arts Center (VA).  This show is part of the group’s Sculpture NOW series and draws its inspiration from the Patrick Dougherty “stick” installation A Bird in Hand added to Reston Town Center this summer. I was able to volunteer [...]

Fused recycled plastic – going global

I have been fusing used plastic bags for a few years now.  I often paint them with acrylic paints and then fuse a few layers together to get a stiff fabric that I can sew into jewelry pieces or incorporate into larger sculptures. I have blogged about the piece that the Union of Concerned Scientists [...]

Call and Response

Angie Newman Johnson Gallery at Episcopal High School 1200 North Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302 May 12 – June 14, 12015 Jessica Beels, Elsabe Dixon, Inga Hamilton – curated by Elizabeth Vorlicek For the past year or so, I have been marinating ideas and slowly producing work for a 3-person show called Call and Response.  [...]

Migrating Radiozoa – Voyage of Discovery

“Radiolarian” is the word generally used to denote a large family of microscopic sea animals that includes radiolaria (silica-based), acantheria (strontium-based) and foraminifera (calcium-based) – hundreds of tiny creatures found in the oceans throughout the globe. My focus on this group for the Voyage of Discovery show was inspired by a 2012 article in The [...]