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For Pulse: Deconstructing HPV

“Deconstructing HPV” is as much about the magnificent engineering of virus structures as it is about the human quest to understand what can hurt us.  In addition to addressing scientific exploration, it is a cautionary piece about treading carefully through the social implications of medical precautions and assumptions about human behavior.  Recently, all children, male [...]

Getting ready for Pulse

Since last summer, I have known that I would have new work – an entire room of large pieces and installations – in an exhibition this February through April (2013) at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda, MD.  The show is called Pulse: Art and Medicine and is curated by Harriet Lesser.  My inclusion in the [...]


When it finally dawned on me that the Smithsonian Craft 2 Wear show next weekend is right before Halloween, I decided to kick myself into gear and make a few pieces I have been thinking about for a long time. So here are two masks.  I hope to make more, but I am not sure [...]

Pentaradial forms – my favorite

I don’t like to pick favorites, but even though I resist when people ask me, my favorite number is 5.  I loved to draw five-sided stars when I was a child because you can draw them with one line.  As someone who was dragged through the tortures of the 1960s experiment with New Math, I [...]

Puzzle Necklaces

I really don’t like clasps.  So I am always daydreaming about ways to make bracelets and necklaces that side-step the issue completely.  Lately, I have been playing with a new necklace design that comprises linked components that collapse on eachother so that a necklace can just slide over your head, but not hang too loosely [...]

2012 Smithsonian Craft 2 Wear show!

This October 26 through 28, I will be selling my jewelry at the first weekend show in almost two years!  I was honored to be invited to show at the Smithsonian’s Craft 2 Wear show at the Building Museum in late October.  It’s all wearables, so I will only have my jewelry there, but please [...]

Courage Unmasked 2

I am very happy to be a contributing artist in the second Courage Unmasked auction – a fundraiser for head and neck cancer patients – to be held on September 12, 2012, at the Katzen Arts Center at American University.  The show will be up in the Center’s front rotunda for a few weeks before [...]

Studio Neptune artists’ childhood profile

Elyse Harrison of Studio Neptune (an amazing artist in her own right! – see link below) is blogging about artists’ childhoods, and I am honored that she chose to interview me a few months ago.  Here is the profile she published after our talk. What an interesting experience to blab for an hour or so [...]

Another lovely mention – thanks Waffler!

I have known Molly since she was six and the younger sister of my best friend from high school.  She remains six years old in my mind, even though I know she is now a fully grown person, with kids of her own.  She has a fun and diverting blog called the Waffler in which [...]

A pleasant surprise

As I plunk along, making my work and occasionally sending out invitations to shows and updates to my own blogs, it is nice to be recognized by someone else I didn’t even know exists! The Secret Life of Jewelry blog has recently posted a description of my work with some images pulled from the website [...]