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2012 Smithsonian Craft 2 Wear show!

This October 26 through 28, I will be selling my jewelry at the first weekend show in almost two years!  I was honored to be invited to show at the Smithsonian’s Craft 2 Wear show at the Building Museum in late October.  It’s all wearables, so I will only have my jewelry there, but please [...]

Courage Unmasked 2

I am very happy to be a contributing artist in the second Courage Unmasked auction – a fundraiser for head and neck cancer patients – to be held on September 12, 2012, at the Katzen Arts Center at American University.  The show will be up in the Center’s front rotunda for a few weeks before [...]

Studio Neptune artists’ childhood profile

Elyse Harrison of Studio Neptune (an amazing artist in her own right! – see link below) is blogging about artists’ childhoods, and I am honored that she chose to interview me a few months ago.  Here is the profile she published after our talk. What an interesting experience to blab for an hour or so [...]

Another lovely mention – thanks Waffler!

I have known Molly since she was six and the younger sister of my best friend from high school.  She remains six years old in my mind, even though I know she is now a fully grown person, with kids of her own.  She has a fun and diverting blog called the Waffler in which [...]

A pleasant surprise

As I plunk along, making my work and occasionally sending out invitations to shows and updates to my own blogs, it is nice to be recognized by someone else I didn’t even know exists! The Secret Life of Jewelry blog has recently posted a description of my work with some images pulled from the website [...]

Fused plastic for the Union of Concerned Scientists

The Beyond Garbage blog got me started fusing plastic – not the most environmentally friendly of activities.  Yes, it reuses materials, but the toxins released during the fusing are a bit frightening.  Open windows!  Mucho ventilation!  Still, I am very happy with the piece I made for the call for entries and the jury liked [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know people may read this on some other day of the year, but today happens to be Valentine’s Day, and this is a good opportunity to post an image of a heart pendant that I made this winter. I am not really a fan of hearts, just as I don’t wear  pink or pastels much. [...]

Showing at Gallery 555 in downtown DC Jan-Feb 2011

This should be a lovely show. I am thrilled to be showing with Joan Belmar and Elissa Farrow-Savos, both of whose work I love. Hope you can make it!  Or, if you are visiting the site after the show is closed, see what we are up to now….  Or go to Gallery 555 and see [...]

Back to basics

Every spring, I make pollen and viruses.  Something in the air, I guess.  Their forms are so basic and allergies and illnesses are a seasonal reminder of the cycle of life. So, I am starting a series of pollen/virus paper vessels.  The first one has dried nicely, so now I will risk the time and [...]

The life of an apron

Always looking for excuses to branch out, I made a large sculptural piece for Personal Armor: Artists’ Concepts of Aprons on exhibit at Black Rock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD,  in January.  This piece is larger than most of my earlier work – a full-size hostess/maid’s apron, and it posed some new challenges, [...]