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Call and Response

Angie Newman Johnson Gallery at Episcopal High School 1200 North Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302 May 12 – June 14, 12015 Jessica Beels, Elsabe Dixon, Inga Hamilton – curated by Elizabeth Vorlicek For the past year or so, I have been marinating ideas and slowly producing work for a 3-person show called Call and Response.  [...]

Migrating Radiozoa – Voyage of Discovery

“Radiolarian” is the word generally used to denote a large family of microscopic sea animals that includes radiolaria (silica-based), acantheria (strontium-based) and foraminifera (calcium-based) – hundreds of tiny creatures found in the oceans throughout the globe. My focus on this group for the Voyage of Discovery show was inspired by a 2012 article in The [...]

Melting Sea Ice – Voyage of Discovery

Finally, after about a year of collaborating, Michele Banks, Ellyn Weiss, and I have installed Voyage of Discovery at the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) in downtown DC. All three of us create work with scientific themes, so a joint venture seemed a logical and exciting prospect.  We were thrilled when the [...]