Happy Valentine’s Day

I know people may read this on some other day of the year, but today happens to be Valentine’s Day, and this is a good opportunity to post an image of a heart pendant that I made this winter.

I am not really a fan of hearts, just as I don’t wear  pink or pastels much.  But somehow, when I work with the flax over wire, I find myself making the occasional heart.  I have done a series of smaller heart pendants, simple forms with a bit of gold leaf.  And way back when I was starting to really get into this medium, I made a series of red hearts with Chinese calligraphy for Chinese New Year’s – this one says “peace.”

I like this seaweed-infused open heart because it is dark and complicated, but somehow cheerful.  The gold leaf in the interior lights it up and I like the way it balances on the coil through the middle.   I hope you like it too.

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