Catching up – (old) new website!

Quick, quick post to say that almost two years ago (!), I started a new website. Surprise! Time sure does fly. focuses on work that incorporates reused materials and examines how humans interact with our material world.

It includes information about ongoing bodies of work:









Recycled birds

Fused, painted, reused plastic jewelry and wall pieces

Bycatch series of nets

Beach plastic collages

I am selling my recycled birds through this new site (see Birds for Sale) and hope to add other items to the shop soon.

OF COURSE it has its own blog (yes, I am a glutton for punishment), but rather than keep visitors up to date on what I am making, it is more of a forum for musing about larger issues, some related to my work and some just pondering the universe. I got a very slow start on that, but I am happy to have that venue available as my profound thoughts start percolating again.

Of course, my original website still exists (, and paper sculpture and jewelry, as well as beaded jewelry (which I am honestly not making much anymore), will be housed there for now. I will continue to post my newsletter and show and exhibition schedule there, as usual.



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