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Hello!! For those of you paying attention, I am starting something new this fall at my studio in NE Washington, DC.

Are you looking for a creativity boost?
Want to learn about new art and craft materials and techniques?
Need a time and place (and helping hand) to get back to work on an abandoned project?

I LOVE to teach! The thing I enjoy most is the exploration and exchange of ideas – brainstorming and figuring out how people learn, what gets their creative juices flowing, and how to give new information that enhances the tools and knowledge that students already have.

So, a few evenings each month, I am inviting people to come play with me in my studio. Participants are welcome to come and work on their own projects, learn about and try out what I am working on, use my table space and tools, and/or pick my brain.

Sessions will last 3 hours (6–9 pm) and be held on varying weeknights to accommodate different schedules.

Fee$50 per session (including most materials available in my studio).

Contact me if you are interested and want to learn more details (like where I am and how to get there).

You can’t just show up – I need about two days advance notice because I need to prepare space for what you might want to work on. I can accommodate up to 6 people each time, so I need to know you are coming!

This month (September 2019), I will be making mulberry bark paper and carving small printing blocks. The first three sessions will be:

Monday, September 16

Wednesday, September 18

Monday, September 23

I will post upcoming workshop dates on my Facebook Artist Page (JBeelsDesign) and Instagram (materialworldstudio) and will send out email updates to anyone who requests a monthly reminder. This is not an ongoing commitment – come just once, once a month, or every session!

We’ll be playing it by ear to see what works and adjusting as we go.

For more information about me and my work, please visit (for papermaking, wirework, and beaded jewelry) and (for sculpture using recycled materials). In addition, I have extensive background in knitting and some experience with wet and needle felting, sewing, embroidery, netting, and crochet.

Please contact me if you have questions, and feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Jessica Beels


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